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Want to Work onsite at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020?

Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS), founded in 2001, is the host broadcaster of the Olympic Games.

From the management of the International Broadcast Centre to the production and broadcasting of each competition to broadcasters around the globe, OBS is responsible for the entire broadcasting operation at the Olympic Games.

Take this chance to work alongside top professionals in the broadcasting industry, and deliver the magic of the Olympic Games to the world.
Pasona will be here to fully support you along the way as an Official Supporter of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Tokyo 2020.

Merits of Working with OBS

Work at venues of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Feel the thrill of the Olympic Games while working onsite at the International Broadcasting Centre or one of the Olympic venues.

As part of the Games staff, you will have the opportunity to learn about one of the world’s largest broadcasting operations, as well as the management of large-scale sporting events.

Gain valuable work experience in English

For operations of an international scale like Olympic broadcasting, English is used as a common language for communication.

Working alongside global professionals while being entrusted with important work duties will surely improve your English skills as well as your self-confidence.

Connect with top-level broadcast professionals from around the world

The very best in the industry assemble for the Olympics, the pinnacle of sports broadcasting events.

The network you can build here will extend throughout Japan and overseas, becoming a valuable tool in your future career.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested in working at Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS). Where can I find an opportunity to work with OBS during the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020?

Pasona Inc. offers interested candidates the opportunity to be hired as employees of Pasona and dispatched to work alongside OBS during the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. Dispatched staff will work under the direction of OBS in places such as the International Broadcast Centre (IBC) and Olympic Venues.

What are the expected work duties for dispatch staff?

Staff dispatched to OBS have the opportunity to experience work in a variety of different fields, from technical work onsite related to production, to administrative work OBS’s offices in the IBC.

The following is a list of possible work duties for staff during the Games:

  1. Communications and PR
    Help to organize the interview zone after competition, provide information and logistical support to media crews, act as a brand ambassador, demonstrate new technologies in showroom areas, escort visitors in the IBC, etc.
  2. Technical Operations
    Set up and test commentary equipment, support commentators having technical issues, assist with the set up and tear down of camera & audio equipment, etc.
  3. Event Management
    Provide support related to food services, air travel, ground transport, accommodations, uniforms, accreditations, etc.
  4. Administrative Support
    Provide office support to several departments generating reports, helping with translation, liaising with different parties, etc.
  5. Production
    Assist production crews with identifying and researching potential stories, filming, editing, transport and setup of equipment, support with translation, etc.
  6. Video Archive
    Assist in developing a video archive of all competition, interviews and additional content by logging all the footage to make it possible for each piece to be retrieved in the future, upon demand.

Pasona will assign your specific work duties and placements based on your preferences, past work experience and/or training.

Specific information regarding job types and their corresponding work duties will be posted on this page at a later date.

Where will I get to work?

Staff will work at either the Olympic Venues or at the IBC, depending on their assigned division and work duties. Staff involved with production may have to travel to locations around Tokyo for filming.

How long is the term of employment?

Most staff will be employed fulltime for the 3 weeks of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.
However, some staff can be assigned for positions that last between 1 to 6 months. If you are interested in one of these long-term positions, please let us know as soon as possible.

Where can I apply for work?

Details about how to apply will be made available on this webpage from Fall 2019, so please check at that time.

Has the schedule for recruitment been decided?

Applications will be accepted from Fall 2019, and the results of screening will be announced by early 2020.

About the Broadcast Training Programme

Separate from the temporary dispatch work at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 presented here, Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) offers free workshops and seminars lead by world-class broadcasting professionals to garner interest in media and broadcast related careers among the youth of the Olympic Games host country.

Workshop participants will get an early chance to experience the magic of the Olympic Games, while gaining knowledge useful in such careers as broadcasting, media, journalism, and/or event management.

For information about the workshops, please visit OBS’s Broadcast Training Programme site at the link below.


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